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The Real Estate Marketer

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A recent project was to assist a property agent to analyse his online and social media marketing.

The owner, who employees twenty professionals in his inner city Melbourne office, had a good looking website and an SEO expert on a monthly contract. He was dismayed that he was not getting a lot of new customers despite the investment he was making each month.

He had to rely on a very active call centre to drive business.

Finest PR was approached to look at why the online marketing was not bringing in new business.

We found that the SEO expense was a waste as the website that they were paid to promote had only eleven pages: most of those were admin pages like About us, contact and testimonials.

The client was advised that Google was not interested in his website as it did not have any content worth reading. Someone told him that he would be useful by showing lots of links to other sites with information such as finance sources and renovation materials. Not true! Content really is king!

We prepared a campaign plan that built that owner's profile to set him up as a property authority. That meant creating a personal profile page and a blog where he could comment on property matters as an expert ( which he was ).

By coupling his greatly expanded website with a vibrant social media presence using Facebook, Twitter and Instagram we created a mini flood of new enquiries.